Computer Graphics Projects

The Digital Aquarium - Built for The North Sea Science Park (2011). Video
Authors: Thomas Salomon Andreasen, Christian P. V. Christoffersen,
Asger Dam Hoedt, Peter Kristensen, and Carsten Nørby.
Content: Proshop Denmark.

Rendering natural looking outdoor environments - Introduction To Computer Graphics Q2 (2010). PDF Video
Authors: Asger Dam Hoedt and Christian P. V. Christoffersen.

Understanding and Implementing Level Set Methods (2010). PDF
Authors: Christian P. V. Christoffersen, Sean Geggie,
Martin Have, Peter Kristensen, and Mikkel Vester.

Semi-automatic calculation of blood flow through aorta (2009). PDF
Author: Christian P. V. Christoffersen.
Collaborators: Martin Kristensen and Lau Brix.

Inseminator - Built for The Steno Museum (2008). PDF Video
Authors: Christian P. V. Christoffersen, Carsten Nørby, and Ian Zerny.
Content: Iben West and Christian Esbo Agergaard.

DragonPanic - Introduction To Computer Graphics Q1 (2007). PDF Video
Authors: Christian P. V. Christoffersen, Rune Skovbo Johansen, and Carsten Nørby.
Content: Christian Esbo Agergaard.